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First International Workshop on Video Segmentation

Interest in video segmentation has grown significantly in recent years, resulting in a large body of works along with advances in both methods and datasets. Progress in video segmentation would enable new approaches to building 3D object models from video, understanding dynamic scenes, robot-object interaction and several other high-level vision tasks. The workshop brought together a broad and representative group of video segmentation researchers working on a wide range of topics. This paper summarizes the panel discussion at the workshop, which focused on three questions: (1)_Why does video segmentation currently not meet the performance of image segmentation and what diculties prevent it from leveraging motion? (2)_Is video segmentation a stand-alone problem or should it rather be addressed in combination with recognition and reconstruction? (3)_Which are the right video segmentation subtasks the field should focus on, and how can we measure progress?

Panel discussion digest, Introductory slides, Remarks slides

Project page updated on March, 7th 2015